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Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

What? You’ve been raising kids here for several years? Oh, heh heh, I wasn’t talking to your most recent incarnation. I was talking to your former self. The one I used to know. The one who used to know me. The fact that you are here, and here now, of all places and times, is quite remarkable. I’m glad you could make it!

Who Are You Really?

To help you rediscover yourself, review your list of Characteristics, Talents, and Attentions. More items to rediscover will open up as you reawaken.

How Can I Speed Up This Process?

Memory is awarded both for game play and for wiki content. Make a blog entry in the Adventure Log area. Complete the questionnaire in the private section of your PC character sheet. Add Talents to the public section of your PC character sheet. Add appropriate NPCs. You get the idea. Hard work is more than it’s own reward; it helps improve your Memory!

What Now?

The children of immortals are a desired commodity, whether tryst, chimera, or doppleganger. Are they just a commodity to you? If so, will you use your own children or barter them for others to use? If not, how will you protect them from those who would use them?

Main Page

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